The Batley Poets spun out of the first Batley Festival in September 2012, inspired by the Gujarati Writers Forum, The Yorkshire Dialect Group and many individual local poets and enthusiasts. In November 2014, supported by Arts Council England and Creative Scene, Batley Poets created their first 'pop-up' display in the disused Alfreds' Way shopping centre in Batley for Batley Business Association. The phrases, 'Everyone's a Batley Poet' and 'Anything Goes' sum up the Batley Poets.

To chat about Batley Poets please call Mohamed Saloo on 0792 3989994 or Email






You are a #batleypoet

If you’ve got a favourite poem,
you are a #batleypoet.
If you’ve scribbled a verse or two,
you are a #batleypoet.
If you enjoy Yorkshire Dialect or Gujarati or Urdu or,
or, or, or, are a #batleypoet.
If you’d like to perform a poem or recite a verse,
you are a #batleypoet... short...we are all #batleypoets.

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